RSS feed for Muumuu House

Muumuu House, website and online magazine of Tao Lin et al., does not have an RSS feed. Therefore, I created one (for the “Content” tab, that is), using the excellent Feed43 service. Feel free to add it to your RSS reader (as long as that lasts).


Download DINPUT8.DLL for GTA San Andreas here

According to several forum posts, DINPUT8.DLL seems to be necessary to run GTA San Andreas under Windows 7.

Here is the file:

Since WordPress doesn’t allow .dll files, I had to rename the file to .jpg. Please rename the file from .jpg to .dll when you save it (right-click and select “Save as”).

(Disclaimer: I found the file myself through some forum post/file host, and it worked for me. I have checked it for viruses, and it seems okay. I can’t vouch for its quality, though.)

Update, 2013-11-08: Anders Hartzen kindly notified me in the comments to this post that the file does indeed seem to work for more people than just me.