Download MP3 songs from Soundclick in Chrome

Editor’s note, November 22, 2018: Since this post is still steadily picking up search engine traffic, I’d just like to point out that it was originally published in 2010, and the method described might not still work. I haven’t tried it myself lately. More information in the comments, below.

My beloved Firefox has stopped working, and I’m temporarily using Google Chrome. The one thing I perhaps miss most about Firefox is the ability to easily download files through Video DownloadHelper, which is, sadly, not yet available as a Chrome extension.

Anyway, here’s how to download songs from Soundclick using Google Chrome:

1. Open the Soundclick song, and lay it in hi-fi, like this one, and start playing it.

2. Open a new tab, and type about:cache in the address bar.

3. At the top of your cache registry, you’ll see an MP3 file called something like this:

4. Copy the link.

5. If you right-click the link when copying it, you’ll get the prefix chrome://view-http-cache/ before the link. The link might also have a suffix, something like ?random=37. Just delete those if you see them, and you’ll have a working MP3 link.

6. Paste your link in a new tab, press enter, and choose Tools -> Save page as…. The download from Soundclick is usually pretty slow.