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Download MP3 songs from Soundclick in Chrome

October 25, 2010

My beloved Firefox has stopped working, and I’m temporarily using Google Chrome. The one thing I perhaps miss most about Firefox is the ability to easily download files through Video DownloadHelper, which is, sadly, not yet available as a Chrome extension.

Anyway, here’s how to download songs from Soundclick using Google Chrome:

1. Open the Soundclick song, and lay it in hi-fi, like this one, and start playing it.

2. Open a new tab, and type about:cache in the address bar.

3. At the top of your cache registry, you’ll see an MP3 file called something like this:

4. Copy the link.

5. If you right-click the link when copying it, you’ll get the prefix chrome://view-http-cache/ before the link. The link might also have a suffix, something like ?random=37. Just delete those if you see them, and you’ll have a working MP3 link.

6. Paste your link in a new tab, press enter, and choose Tools -> Save page as…. The download from Soundclick is usually pretty slow.