Sony Walkman NWZ-E430: Shuffle and fast forward tweaks

September 13, 2010

I have a Sony Walkman NWZ-E436, and it’s generally an awesome MP3 player. It charges quickly, has great storing capacity, and is durable.

However, its “shuffle” function leaves a lot to wish. Basically, pressing “shuffle” just means it’ll create a randomized, but static, new playlist. And whenever you use the “shuffle all” function from the main menu, you have to listen to or skip your (alphabetically) first song before that playlist even starts.

My solution to that problem was to add a one-second silent MP3 file, with a name that’ll put it on top of my list ($$.mp3, song title: $$). Then the actual (albeit static) “shuffling” can commence.

You can find a number of blank, short MP3 files on Sam Alexander’s site. Download one of them, rename it $$.mp3, and place it in any folder. Or just google for a silent mp3 file.

Another problem I had was fast forwarding when listening to podcasts. It’s slow. Anyway, I found that it’s much faster if you pause the audio track, and then fast forward. To my knowledge, that feature is undocumented.

Update, 2014-11-12: I changed the link to point to a working site with silent MP3s. My own link had gone dead.


8 Responses to “Sony Walkman NWZ-E430: Shuffle and fast forward tweaks”

  1. Tim Hall Says:

    Or you have Bigelf’s album “Hex”, which includes a track consisting of five seconds of silence called “$”.

  2. bolsjevik Says:

    Thanks, Tim, good tip. Especially since my Zshare link seem to be dead already. /Admin

  3. Tara Says:

    Wow, thanks a LOT! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the fast forward faster for ages! 🙂

    • bolsjevik Says:

      No problem, Tara!

      One can only hope Sony decides to include that feature in the user manuals in the future. /Admin

  4. Mario Says:

    Hi, thanks for the fast forward Problem-Solution. I use a NWZ-E474. Here was the same Problem …

  5. Thank you so much!! Now I can fast forward properly

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