How to uninstall Crawler Parental Control without a password, or reset or restore the password

I downloaded and installed Crawler Parental Control for Windows Vista the other day, and then found myself in a peculiar situation when my Internet connection was blocked (“Limited or no connectivity”, even though I’d entered the correct WLAN password) while I at the same time had forgotten what my Crawler Parental Control password was.

I snooped around a bit, and found a solution. So, if you forgot your Crawler password, or just wanna uninstall the sucker, here’s how to first reset or restore the password, and then uninstall the application:

Go to C:\programdata\parentalcontrol – and delete everything in it. Empty out the trash can (better safe than sorry), reboot, and you’ll get a dialog prompting you to reset the password.

You can then easily uninstall the application or change its settings.