Who is Kieren Rhys?

November 13, 2008

Kieren Rhys

In the title sequence to HBO Showtime drama Californication, David Duchovny is shown holding up a magazine, ‘Book Critic’, with an article on/by someone called Kieren Rhys. As far as I can tell, both the magazine and Rhys are fictional. Does anyone know anything more?

Update, June 22, 2013: Almost five years later, we’ve got an answer: “Kieren” and “Rhys” are the children of Californication property master, James “Skip” Torvinen, who checked in to tell us this in the comments, below.

16 Responses to “Who is Kieren Rhys?”

  1. DwightDGreen Says:

    I heard the two names belong crew member’s children.

  2. Robert A. Says:

    Californication is a Showtime TV series

  3. bolsjevik Says:

    @Robert A.
    Gotcha. Updated post. Thanks.

  4. Will Says:

    Not sure but the name also appears on a chair on the movie set of the season 5 finale

  5. Madev Alejandro Says:

    They are twins that lives in Van Nuys ca. Sweetest little boys… They have the most loving parents… I think their dad work for the industry… I love Californication… When I saw their names … I knew it can only be them… I hope and wish them good health… And hope they are always laughing and happy.

    • Skip T. Says:

      Yup, my kids.

      • bolsjevik Says:

        I’ve confirmed, via ‘Skip’s’ email address, that he is indeed the property master for Californication. Awesome, that answers my question. Thank you, Skip – I’ve updated the post. /Admin

  6. I really want to buy on of this newspaper! I could imagine that it will be a difficult task, but maybe Skip T. can help out?

  7. gykart Says:

    Hi! Guys, can anyone help me with finding this magazine? I just want to shoot a photo with high-quality picture of this page. My email: igykasyan@gmail.com

  8. Ana Says:

    Hola! yo tambien quisiera una imagen en buena calidad del diario! alguien lo consiguió?

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