Wanted: Greasemonkey script for SeeqPod

December 5, 2007

I didn’t even blog about SeeqPod yet, but it’s now my main source of streaming and downloading free music from the Interweb. Using SeeqPod, you don’t have to bother with lengthy vixy.net conversions, all the Google hacks out there to find MP3s in directories, or, hell, even Hype Machine.

SeeqPod automates googling for MP3s, stream the songs in the browser, and even let’s you create playlists. It’s basically the same idea as fine British humour site B3ta’s Music Search Plus, but way niftier. I guess it’s a matter of time before it’s taken down, but there seems to be a committed company/team behind it.

The only problem is that SeeqPod won’t let you download tracks directly from their main interface (you’d have to type the URL in word-by-word, provided you see the full address). Using the SeeqPod API, there’s already a number of desktop apps out to do the job. Get one version here, and a Java version here.

Also, someone came up with a way to download tracks, using the iPhone version of the site.

What’s still missing, as pointed out on Lifehacker, is a Greasemonkey script for us Firefox users. I guess this is a tough one given the fact that SeeqPod is based on Flash (?), but c’mon — should it not be possible by linking searches to the iPhone version’s full URLs? Any ideas? There is one for Hype Machine, although I couldn’t get it to work. Perhaps one could be built based on ideas described here, but I’m not clever enough to figure it out myself.

And while we’re at it, how about a function for getting playlist URLs without having to send them in an email first? And it’d be awesome if SeeqPod, like Hype Machine, would start caching songs from sites such as Zshare. They already do from hosting site Fileden.

The only thing I use Google for nowadays in terms of downloads is full albums.

6 Responses to “Wanted: Greasemonkey script for SeeqPod”

  1. Ipastore Says:

    B3ta’s Music Search is actually powered by SeeqPod, you’ll notice that they mention it right below their search box.

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  3. Try Jaseeq Says:

    try JaSeeq. I have it, it works to download searches from Seeqpod. Although it is an aplication going to the website is not needed however it looses the “coolness” factor of seeqpod. Jaseeq also shows ALL results in one list and is easy to stream download songs. Try it, its great and cross platform

  4. […] Iphone version gone? February 14, 2008 The Iphone version of Seeqpod (previously mentioned here), which could be used with a PC and browser to download MP3s directly, seems to be gone. […]

  5. Brome Says:

    AFAIK, it’s impossible to create a Greasemonkey script that would allow to download the songs from Seeqpod, because the interface is developped in Flash, not in HTML. Greasemonkey can not modify Flash applications.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I know Greasemonkey doesn’t handle flash, but how about the iPhone site? Is that flash as well?

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