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In March, I warned about scam website, which purports to show blocked MSN Messenger contacts, but actually just collects your Messenger credentials for virus, adware and/or spam purposes.

Yesterday, someone from an Internet address in Uruguay posted a commentary to that post, apparently trying to plug a similar site. Assumably, the scamsters behind figure it too well-known, and they’ve launched a clone: The site is almost identical to the old, but with a slightly different design and more language options.

A Whois of reveals it is registered using the same anonymous method I wrote about regarding

I’ve decided to post WordPress’ data on the commenter here verbatim, in hope that a reader of this blog with more technical knowledge can use this to track these fraudsters down.

Author : Ines (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :
Si quieres usar una que sea confiable y segura, te recomiendo usar
Te Scanea la cuenta y te dice lo que buscás de tus contactos, es bastante mas profesional y está en 20 idiomas ya que es 100% internacional.
Es la única web seria al respecto y está hosteada en Estados Unidos, además no te pide registros para inflar otras páginas, como hace la de check.

Te recomiendo para ver quien te eliminó del MSN.

Saludos de Inés

Any comments is mostly appreciated. Also, one can ask, who does the translations for these people? The translations I can verify were all good.