Finding more information about ChaCha guides

The search engine ChaCha, launched in September, 2006, allows you to get free human assistance with your searches, via a chat window. The ChaCha workers work from home.

If you want to get more information about your guide (and, in most cases, a picture/website link), ChaCha Underground is your friend. This is the private forum for the guides, and also contains presentations for them.

So, how to access the presentation?

Notice that every time you chat with a ChaCha guide, they’ll have a number within paranthesis after their name. Something like Brandon (12345678). Copy this number, and then open a new window/tab, entering the address:

— where the X’s are, of course, replaced by your guide’s number. Hey presto!

Also, for more information on life as a ChaCha worker, be sure to check out the ChaCha guides forum, with loads of interesting insider information.