What’s up with Slate repeating themselves, anyway?

March 21, 2007

In today’s Slate, the Microsoft owned current affairs/culture webzine, one article asks, What’s in Dog Food, Anyway?

As interesting a question it is, I’m getting utterly tired of that eternal word; “anyway?” Just check out the Google search for some similar headlines, and you’ll see what I’m saying.

Slate, and especially their press box editor Jack Shafer, often nitpick other journalists and newspapers for repeating words too often, or writing badly. Admittedly, they do it in a clever and entertaining way, and I don’t claim to be faultless, but still, Shafer, what is that they say about throwing rocks when living in a glass-house? (Oh, and what about that time when Slate‘s Oscars coverage described Irish actor Peter O’Toole as a Brit?)

But about those repeating headlines: An editorial in-joke? Possibly. Boring and repetitive (and something to ponder next time Shafer waves his Nexis hits, whining about repetitive writing)? Definitely.

And speaking of Slate, regular readers using the Firefox browser (as recommended by (MS) Slate!), and the Greasemonkey extension for it, should be sure to check out the Slate minimalist script over at Userstyles, which removes ads and other annoyances, and generally makes the site more readable.

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