Don’t try

March 21, 2007

Lately, the site has surfaced, a site that claims to be able to check block/deletion status for your MSN Messenger contacts. Only catch is… you have to provide your login name and password for it to do so.

Sounds like a classic spam email collection scheme, huh? Yeah, and that what it seems to be as well. Unfortunately, most information on the web about the site is in Italian. There is a Spanish language blog discussing the site, but without much reliable information.

Also, there’s a thread about it over at The conclusions there, and at the Yahoo! Answers posting about it all seem to say the same thing:

Basically: Don’t try it. Any non-Microsoft site asking for your MSN credentials is fishy to start with. As the comments at the thread says, it will change your login name to “” or something to that effect, and, apparently, for some people, continue to do this every time you login to Messenger. Other people report not being able to change their name back at all. Also, its claim to be able to show block/deletion status seems false. It will display some kind of list with all of your present and previous Messenger contacts, but whether it’s correct is not sure.

The site has a professional looking privacy statement, and even a possibility to register for the site, but I haven’t heard of anyone who registered succesfully.

If you already did try it out, one thing that could work, according to my experience, is to change your MSN password, as quick as you can.

The weird thing is that the site, relatively well-known as it is becoming due to its users unknowingly advertising it via their Messenger names, is still up and running. A Whois reveals that it’s registered at GoDaddy via DomainsByProxy, a company offering anonymous domain registering. There’s something rotten here…

Anyways, any updates on the site, your own experiences, etc, would be most appreciated.

9 Responses to “Don’t try”

  1. Victim Says:

    Never try it they will steal ur passowrd and fill ur messenger with adds

  2. Joseph Says:

    i went there because someone recomended it, however that person was probably just a victim of their spamming. i changed my password quickly, tho

  3. Pissed Off! Says:

    I used it and now my account is sending out fake photos as zip files to my contacts and logging in whenever it wants. When I log on via Pidgin my name changes to “

  4. […] try July 10th, 2007 In March, I warned about scam website, which purports to show blocked MSN Messenger contacts, but […]

  5. *Eli* Says:

    I just click that website and everything on the window was blank (no website) and Am I affected of that thig? Will be my name change into that “…” Please help

  6. Chuso Says:

    Menéame (Spanish Digg) suffered attacks from when Menéame published an article about the risks of that services. The owner of Menéame started an investigation and he published the results in a large report exposing their activities and connections with well known scammers like Norman and Marcel:¿quien-encargo-los-ataques-ddos/ (Spanish)

  7. Chuso Says:

    Sorry, I was wrong, that article talks about, not

  8. Naomi Says:

    one thing you can do, after you’ve changed your password, is sign in to, change your nickname there, and then go back to msn. that should solve your nickname problem. but do change your password and other information on your messenger account.

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