Restarting stalled YouTube downloads

March 7, 2007

In my earlier post on YouTube downloading, I mentioned Javi Moya’s VideoDownloader extension for Firefox. I’ve now discovered a new usage for said extension: You know how YouTube sometimes doesn’t load the video you want to play? And doesn’t start playing even if you reload the page?

Well, with the VideoDownloader extension, this problem can be overcome: click the Firefox taskbar icon for it, and start a download from the new window that pops up. As soon as the Firefox download of the .flv (or .html if you don’t rename it) starts, YouTube will start loading, and playing, the video as well. The download can be cancelled, and you can watch your video in YouTube. I don’t know why it works, maybe the new connection stimulates YouTube somehow (comments appreciated if you have an idea on how exactly) — but it works.

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