Get Sweet Georgia Brown wax pomade in Ireland

As someone says in a forum post, the wax, or pomade, Sweet Georgia Brown is indeed available in Dublin, on the Waldorf’s barber shop on Westmoreland Street. Find the street through the excellent Walk and Cycle Journey Planner, from the Dublin Transportation Office.

Go down the stairs, ask for the wax, and they’ll sell it to you for €8.

Download video or MP3 from YouTube

Javimoya, which enables you to download your Entourage videos from YouTube in FLV format to then play it in, for example, VideoLAN VLC player (or convert the FLV to MPG through sites like, has been around for a while. It’s also available as a Firefox extension.

Now, there’s also, which ups the stakes: With it, you can download from YouTube directly as AVI, MOV, 3GP, MPG or MP3. Even better, hidden in the Japanese language vixy blog, there’s a Greasemonkey extension! So, next time you want to get an MP3, and don’t mind the poor FLV sound quality, just YouTube it, and download via the vixy userscript frame. Or, just go for G2P.