Buy vintage Barbour jackets/coats in London

October 2, 2017

Taking the advice of this post (mirror here, here and here), I went to Robert’s vintage Barbours on Portobello market in London. I went on a Friday in September of 2017, and, sure enough, Robert’s stall was right there under the Westway, off Portobello road, a couple of minutes walk from the Ladbroke Grove tube station. (Google map here.)

Prices ranged from £79 to £110 for all sorts of Barbour jackets – mainly olive, waxed ones (Bedale, Beaufort, Northumbria, Border – no Ashbys, as far as I could see) but some blue, too. Quality varies, but all of them are acceptable. Pay by cash – ATMs are to be found nearby.


Swedish: Ladda ned MP3 från Sveriges Radio Play

November 12, 2014

Dessvärre verkar Jacques de Lavals lovvärda initiativ Pirate Player inte längre fungera eller uppdateras. Den som vill ladda ned MP3-filer från Sveriges Radio (alltså filer som inte görs tillgängliga som poddradio, som Sommar i P1 med all musik, eller P3:s En kärleksattack på svensk hiphop) kan ändå, i skrivande stund, göra det utan några som helst plugins eller tillägg genom följande metod. Den är testad och fungerar i Firefox.

1. Öppna sidan för det program du vill spara ned – det kan alltså vara ett program som enbart har en “Lyssna”-länk.

2. Högerklicka på “Lyssna”-länken. Du bör få en länk som slutar med &playepisode=XXXXXX, där x:en är siffror.

3. Öppna den länken.

4. När sidan har laddats, högerklicka någonstans på den och välj “Visa källa”.

5. I texten som kommer upp, sök efter ordet topsy. Du kommer att hitta en länk som ser ut ungefär så här (klicka för att förstora bilden):

Klicka för att förstora bilden

6. Kopiera den här länken.

7. Nu kan du antingen öppna den i en ny flik, och spara hem programmet som en MP4-fil på hårddisken, eller helt enkelt klistra in filens URL direkt på mediekonverteraren för att konvertera den till MP3-format (tryck på “Importera en URL” och klistra in adressen du kopierade i steg sex).

(Någon driftig person bör kunna snickra ihop ett Greasemonkey-skript som automatiserar den här processen, och helt enkelt inför en Ladda ned-länk som pekar på MP4-filen i de fall en vanlig MP3-länk saknas.)

VLC: No “lua” or “extensions” folder

November 7, 2013

If you want to install a plugin for the excellent VLC Player in Windows, such as the subtitle plugin VLSub, you need to drop the .lua file into the %appdata%/lua/extensions folder.

Sometimes, these folders do not exist. To fix this, just create them! First create the “lua” folder, and in that, create the “extensions” folder. Move your .lua file there.

RSS feed for Muumuu House

June 11, 2013

Muumuu House, website and online magazine of Tao Lin et al., does not have an RSS feed. Therefore, I created one (for the “Content” tab, that is), using the excellent Feed43 service. Feel free to add it to your RSS reader (as long as that lasts).

Download DINPUT8.DLL for GTA San Andreas here

June 10, 2013

According to several forum posts, DINPUT8.DLL seems to be necessary to run GTA San Andreas under Windows 7.

Here is the file:

Since WordPress doesn’t allow .dll files, I had to rename the file to .jpg. Please rename the file from .jpg to .dll when you save it (right-click and select “Save as”).

(Disclaimer: I found the file myself through some forum post/file host, and it worked for me. I have checked it for viruses, and it seems okay. I can’t vouch for its quality, though.)

Update, 2013-11-08: Anders Hartzen kindly notified me in the comments to this post that the file does indeed seem to work for more people than just me.

Microsoft Outlook: “There are no valid security settings to publish. Would you like to remove your previously published settings?”

March 27, 2013

Sometimes, when setting up secure email and pressing “Publish to GAL”, one gets this error message. One possible solution is to change the certificate selected, to ensure the certificate is enabled for email purposes.

Fixing “GRUB loading, please wait…” error at startup

February 15, 2013

There’s a bunch of posts online on how to fix different kinds of “GRUB loading” errors, with error code.

However, sometimes you get a BIOS error like this, at startup, without an error code.

GRUB loading. Please wait.

One thing that can cause this is if you have a USB stick connected to the computer at startup. Remove the USB stick, reboot the computer, and it might fix the problem.

Download MP3 songs from Soundclick in Chrome

October 25, 2010

Editor’s note, November 22, 2018: Since this post is still steadily picking up search engine traffic, I’d just like to point out that it was originally published in 2010, and the method described might not still work. I haven’t tried it myself lately. More information in the comments, below.

My beloved Firefox has stopped working, and I’m temporarily using Google Chrome. The one thing I perhaps miss most about Firefox is the ability to easily download files through Video DownloadHelper, which is, sadly, not yet available as a Chrome extension.

Anyway, here’s how to download songs from Soundclick using Google Chrome:

1. Open the Soundclick song, and lay it in hi-fi, like this one, and start playing it.

2. Open a new tab, and type about:cache in the address bar.

3. At the top of your cache registry, you’ll see an MP3 file called something like this:

4. Copy the link.

5. If you right-click the link when copying it, you’ll get the prefix chrome://view-http-cache/ before the link. The link might also have a suffix, something like ?random=37. Just delete those if you see them, and you’ll have a working MP3 link.

6. Paste your link in a new tab, press enter, and choose Tools -> Save page as…. The download from Soundclick is usually pretty slow.

Sony Walkman NWZ-E430: Shuffle and fast forward tweaks

September 13, 2010

I have a Sony Walkman NWZ-E436, and it’s generally an awesome MP3 player. It charges quickly, has great storing capacity, and is durable.

However, its “shuffle” function leaves a lot to wish. Basically, pressing “shuffle” just means it’ll create a randomized, but static, new playlist. And whenever you use the “shuffle all” function from the main menu, you have to listen to or skip your (alphabetically) first song before that playlist even starts.

My solution to that problem was to add a one-second silent MP3 file, with a name that’ll put it on top of my list ($$.mp3, song title: $$). Then the actual (albeit static) “shuffling” can commence.

You can find a number of blank, short MP3 files by googling silent mp3 file. Download one of them, rename the file to $$.mp3, and place it in any folder.

Another problem I had was fast forwarding when listening to podcasts. It’s slow. Anyway, I found that it’s much faster if you pause the audio track, and then fast forward. To my knowledge, that feature is undocumented.

Update, 2014-11-12: I changed the link to point to a working site with silent MP3s. My own link had gone dead.

Update, 2018-06-25: The link to a site with silent MP3s had gone dead again. Left a link to a Google search instead.

How to uninstall Crawler Parental Control without a password, or reset or restore the password

March 17, 2010

I downloaded and installed Crawler Parental Control for Windows Vista the other day, and then found myself in a peculiar situation when my Internet connection was blocked (“Limited or no connectivity”, even though I’d entered the correct WLAN password) while I at the same time had forgotten what my Crawler Parental Control password was.

I snooped around a bit, and found a solution. So, if you forgot your Crawler password, or just wanna uninstall the sucker, here’s how to first reset or restore the password, and then uninstall the application:

Go to C:\programdata\parentalcontrol – and delete everything in it. Empty out the trash can (better safe than sorry), reboot, and you’ll get a dialog prompting you to reset the password.

You can then easily uninstall the application or change its settings.